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The Double Perc Big Rig Water Pipe

The Double Perc Big Rig Water Pipe

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18mm female intake joint & wide base

The Double Perc Big Rig Water Pipe is the logical choice when maximum cooling is the only option. The Double Perc Big Rig features an 18mm female joint, designed to be compatible with the biggest and baddest devices on the market. The bolstered intake arm leads down to the wide base, water reservoir, and first percolator. The percolator is a stereo matrix style, and can chug with the best of them.

Double percolator for extra bubbling action

The real fun starts just above, where your hit is then passed through a SECOND stereo matrix percolator! Double your fun indeed, and double the cooling your hit will be subjected to. On top is a comfortable bent mouthpiece, for a substantial size water piece that keeps your mouth well away from the bubbling water.

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The Double Perc Glass Water Pipe (18mm female intake), Glass bowl


7" tall, 4" wide

Used For

Vaporizers, Classic combustion, Concentrate

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