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Square Mega Glass Water Pipe

Square Mega Glass Water Pipe

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Unrivalled stability for large vaporizers

Go big or go home! The Square Mega Glass Water Pipe is a substantial sized water piece with more function and ways to use it than first meet the eye. The Square Mega offers unparalleled stability, both with its wide flat base, and huge water capacity that will keep it in place. While smaller pieces may more around while using a silicone whip, the Square Mega will stay firmly in place until you move it.

High airflow & huge water capacity

The 14mm female intake joint travels down to the high airflow percolator, which bubbles things up nicely. The 14mm output joint can be used with the included trumpet mouthpiece or with the glass-tipped silicone whip depending on what you like best. However the Square Mega Glass Water Pipe also offers a SECOND 14mm female output joint for more fun!

Dual 14mm & 10mm female joints

This means that two people can hit a device at the same time, or you can use the included 10mm conversion downstem, which effectively adds an additional 10mm female intake joint to the pipe. This means that you can hit both a 10mm and 14mm device at the same time, a 10mm by itself, or use the second joint as a carb so you can clear the water piece without needing to remove your device.

If the Square Mega is larger than you want, consider The Square Mini instead!

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Square Mega Glass Water Pipe (14mm female and 10mm female intake), Glass mouthpiece, Silicone whip, 10mm conversion downstem, 10mm glass stopper, 14mm glass stopper


6.25" tall, 4.75" wide

Used For

Vaporizers, Classic combustion, Concentrate


Mega Cube, Cell Mega, Cubed Pipe

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