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Puffco Peak Pro Electroplated Bubbler

Puffco Peak Pro Electroplated Bubbler

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Better looks & better function

The Puffco Peak Pro Electroplated Bubbler is the perfect new accessory for your favorite portable electronic concentrate vaporizer, the Puffco Peak Pro or the original Puffco Peak. This Electroplated Bubbler is the perfect enhancement to take your vaping experience to the next level, providing you with an upgrade in the looks and function department.

Larger water capacity for more cooling

The high quality glass interfaces perfectly with your Puffco Peak Pro, and the outside of the bubbler has an iridescent finish that changes looks under different light sources, this bubbler is sure to make a statement! It also has a larger water capacity than the glass that is included with the Peak and Peak Pro, meaning it provides additional cooling when inhaling even the hottest hits. The internal looping percolator ensures excellent bubbling action where you want it, so that no water will splash into your mouth.

Affordable upgrade makes your device feel brand new

Not only does it have superior function, but it also adds a brand new visual appeal to your device overall. With its straight fluted mouthpiece design, your Peak Pro sits at a comfortable position while using it. If you want to upgrade your Peak or Peak Pro without breaking the bank, try a new glass piece to cool things and add a fun new look!

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Puffco Peak Pro Electroplated Bubbler


5" tall

Used For

Puffco Peak Pro & Puffco Peak


Puffco Electro Glass

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