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PAX Era 510 Pod Vaporizer

PAX Era 510 Pod Vaporizer

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A new standard in Pod Vaporizers

Pax has made an incredible name for itself in the vaporizer world, and their newest model, the Pax Era is no exception. This pod-based vaporizer offers a standard of excellence that sets it apart with features to be reckoned with - all in a minuscule package with a battery that lasts all day!

Bigger hits than ever, same small vape size

The Pax Era brings the power of enhanced vaping technology wherever you go! The proprietary PAX pod system is designed for maximum consistency and potency - and now achieves 50% larger hits than ever before - all in a pocket-sized device in 1 of 4 fun colors. It's a more elegant solution compared to refillable 510 cartridges; no mess or fuss required with the superior PAX pods!

No more clogging, finally!

Get ready to say goodbye to the worst thing about vape pens, a clogged cartridge! The Pax Era is transforming the way we vaporize concentrate with its revolutionary (and much needed) anti-clog system. No more preheating or endless sucking to deal with a jammed atomizer or mouthpiece; just click in your pod, sit back, and let the PAX Era take care of the rest. This game changing technology truly takes vaping concentrates on the go to the next level - giving you peace of mind that your cartridge will always be ready when you need it.

Easy to change between 4 pre-set temperatures

The Pax Era instantly became the crème de la crème of vape pens with its revolutionary "Pop N' Click" technology, allowing users to switch temperatures at ease by simply 'popping' the pod in and out of their device to cycle through temperatures. This next-level device delivers an experience closer to an actual dab on concentrate than standard 510 cartridges ever seem to muster - all while boasting impressive battery life and anti-clog features! Don't settle for 'just good enough' in your concentrate experience, get ready for exceptional vaporization with the indisputable leader of Vape Pens: The Pax Era.

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PAX Era, Charge cable

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PAX Era 510 Pods

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