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DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer

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Value, performance & style

Get the most out of your weed without compromising on performance with the DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer! This new vaporizer from DynaVap carries on where the 2021 M left off and is packed full of features to make sure you get a supremely powerful, flavorful hit with every heating cycle. With the value for money and durability DynaVap is known for, a new M offering is something everyone should pay attention to.

More powerful than ever before

The newly designed Finless Tip represents a first for DynaVap, and is engineered to have the majority of the mass directly behind the chamber so that you can get a supercharged heatup for a bigger hit. You no longer need to spin the device while you use it, you can simply heat the tip itself to slow heat the chamber to get the maximum possible extraction from each bowl. Should you not want to hit the vaporizer this hard, just ease your foot off the pedal and hit and heat it like normal, you’ll even notice that it heats up faster than ever this way!

The largest bowl DynaVap has ever made

The DynaVap M Plus also has the largest weed chamber that DynaVap has ever achieved in a Tip, so you can truly experience all the effects that your flower offers in each and every use. The efficiency that the M Plus offers is fantastic, meaning you get all of the goodness from your flower, saving you money with each session. Soon enough, the device will end up paying for itself via the savings! The cool new Squareport and Pyramid Point make controlling and navigating your device without looking much easier than ever before.

A legendary dry herb vape gets even better

With its incredible ultra-grippy wood texture, bold new Squareport & Pyramid Point design, Finless Tip that enables a complete extraction in one heating cycle, incredibly affordable price tag and durable construction, this device has everything you need from your next portable vaporizer - and then some.

Read our extensive DynaVap M Plus Review here.

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