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Storz & Bickel

Crafty+ Portable Vaporizer

Crafty+ Portable Vaporizer

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Crafty+ with USB-C charging

Storz & Bickel made their name with the industry standard desktop vaporizer, the Volcano, and have brought the same superb vapour to a handheld, portable device that’s easy to take on the go, the Crafty+. In mid-September of 2021, S&B launched their latest iteration of the device which is updated with both USB-C and a fully ceramic bowl for a price that is easy to justify with the quality of the device. 

Ceramic coated chamber

With an appreciated modernization, you will find that the device charges much faster than the previous version and the bowl will stay cleaner, longer. Although the Crafty+ didn’t catch all of the advancements we could have hoped for, it does upgrade the device substantially. The rich get richer and one of the best vapes in the market maintains its lead.

Hybrid conduction/convection heating

The hybrid convection/conduction engine provides the incredible performance of the Crafty+ and ensures your device will heat up quickly. The Crafty+ easily maintains consistent temperatures, even if you pack it nice and full, and you get big, tasty clouds on top of it.

Free & open airflow

The Crafty+ works best with a medium-fine grind, but it won’t suffer if you go in either direction, just a different experience. The cooling unit provides an open airpath as well as the amazing vapour we’ve mentioned. The profile of the Crafty+ is a nice touch; it’s easy to put in your pocket and take it with you and at half the size of the Mighty you’ll find it smaller than most cellphones. 

Good portable battery life

If you charge your Crafty+ before you leave the house, you’ll be pleased to get about 40 minutes of session time which adds up to four or five sessions for most. You’re looking at about 2 hours to charge it fully and auto shuts off, thankfully, after a couple of minutes and this timer resets every time you hit a button or hit the device itself. The engine uses a one button system to control the temperature on the Crafty+. You’re able to choose one of three pre-set temperatures, 356° F (180° C), 383° F (195° C), and 410° F (210° C), and if these don’t fit your fancy, you can set it by the specific degree using the app.

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CRAFTY+, USB-C cable, Base seal ring (3), Normal screen (3), Coarse screen (3), Dosing capsule, Cleaning brush, Concise instructions for use

Used For

Dry herb/flower

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