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Arizer Go (ArGo) Portable Vaporizer

Arizer Go (ArGo) Portable Vaporizer

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Smallest portable vaporizer from Arizer

I love clever names, and you can definitely get up and go with the Arizer ArGo. Super portable but still packing the punch you’d expect from an Arizer product, the ArGo exemplifies a high quality, super portable, powerful vaporizer. Like the rest of the line, the ArGo features a completely glass stem that ensures you’ll get the best flavour possible, especially compared to devices that opt for plastic.

Top quality vapor from a tiny vape

The ArGo definitely supplies the exquisite vapor quality that Arizer continues to deliver with their hybrid convection/conduction vaporization mechanism. With the Solo 2 and Air 2, Arizer entrenched themselves as kings of vaporization, and we see the same heating system in the ArGo, which we loved to hear. The terrific Arizer engine takes about a minute to hit your preferred temperature and although not instant, it’s more than quick enough to get you going in a hurry.

Protected glass stems & non-slip grip

We’ve been waiting for the day we could say this: Arizer has a fully pocketable portable, smaller than a cell phone. Super stealthy, the ArGo fits easily in your pocket or carryon and is intentionally designed for those on the go. Be careful with the glass stem; although the top somewhat protects the glass, if it’s jostled around too much it could break. The slip resistant grip adds a feeling of security that you won’t probably drop it.

Vibrant OLED control panel

The control panel on the ArGo in intuitive and fully lit up with a gorgeous OLED screen that shows both the battery life available and the current status of the temperature. You can dial in your temperature anywhere between 50° to 220° C by clicking the arrows for a single digit change or holding the arrow to change the temperature by ten degrees. We love devices with auto shut off and not only does the ArGo have it, but you can also adjust how long the device lays dormant before it shuts down.

Replaceable battery with 7-8 sessions per charge

The ArGo features a battery that is both rechargeable and replaceable which is great if you want to bring extra batteries with you while you’re on the go. The 3400mah 3.7V battery is easily swappable so you won’t have to throw the whole device away if your battery dies. The battery life itself is pretty solid. We found we were getting about 7-8 sessions per battery, but if you go hard or light, this will change slightly. The life of the battery is quite fitting for a one-day adventure.

Well built & performs like a champion

As you’d expect from Arizer, the ArGo is built super solidly and of top-notch materials. It’s got a nice weight in your hand that you’d expect from even higher end vaporizers. Most of the Arizer line is portable, but this is the first one we feel you can really just grab, throw in your pocket, and go. The glass mouthpiece is a great addition and unheard of in vaporizers this size. Having an all-glass stem really heightens the quality of your bud and hats off to Arizer for making this happen. Great vapor, easily portable, we absolutely love the Arizer ArGo.

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Arizer Go (ArGo), 18650 battery, USB charging cable, Wall adapter, Glass stems (2), Silicone stem caps, Tweezers, Silicone cover, Stirring tool, Belt carrying case

Used For

Dry herb/flower

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