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Arizer Air MAX Portable Vaporizer

Arizer Air MAX Portable Vaporizer

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Arizer Air MAX

If you want delectable hits from a powerful portable, then the Arizer Air Max is your ticket to flavour town. The Air Max has a massive battery that will allow you to relish extensive sessions or easily add it to a water pipe to cool things down. A stunning new evolution of the vaporizer from the highly respected Canadians over at Arizer, the Air Max is definitely one you want.

Familiar, yet different

The familiar look and feel of the Air 2 are generally sustained on the Air MAX, but it is a hair taller. You’re still getting a device that feels substantial and made of high-quality materials. With 3 buttons to control the temperature up and down as well as the volume, and a very descriptive word here OLED display, you always know what’s up with your Air MAX and can easily change your configuration as desired. The Air MAX is portable, but definitely not a pocket vape.

Isolated airpath for best flavor

If you’re used to using Arizer vaporizers, you know that they don’t mess around when it comes to vapour production and the Air MAX is no different. With a combination of an isolated pathway ending in a glass stem and an improved ceramic heater, you’re getting savoury, high-quality clouds that will satisfy new and returning users alike. 

Improved battery life

Battery capability is so important in portables and both purists and noobies will benefit from the Air MAX’s updated battery. With an upgrade to USB-C, not only does the Air MAX charge faster, but you’re able to use it while charging as well. The 26550 battery is substantial, and users will be challenged to drain it, unless your sessions typically last more than 2h30m. The battery is replaceable as well and super easy to swap out, increasing the portability of the device.

Powerful heater

If the Arizer Air 2’s engine is improved on in every way with the Air MAX. You’re getting a device with a fully ceramic heater that’s more effective in terms of its power, speed, and proficiency of vaporization. You’re also now able to hit it with less time between hits and it loves to have a water pipe attached to cool those big hits down.

Huge cloud production

Continuing with its ascendency to the top of the Arizer line, I prefer the Air MAX’s smooth airflow to any of their other devices. You can literally hit it however you want, and the Air MAX will perform to or past your expectations. Both easy going and big hitters will be able to see the benefits.

Fast heatup time

Naturally, along with the changes to the engine, you’ll see heat up times benefitting from this as well. In less than a minute, your Air MAX will be up to temp and ready to go, almost as fast as the Solo 2. The Air MAX’s customizable settings let you tailor the device to make it just how you like it. Set the desired temperature by the degree from 122°F / 50°C all the way to 428°F / 220°C and set the session timer to your preference. You’re also able to modify the screen brightness and even use Dark Mode to completely shut off the display. 

Includes glass stems & water pipe adapter

The stems included with the Air MAX come with a fully glass pod system to hold your ground herb which will then be vaporized by the engine. All you need to do is fill it up, set your desired temp and enjoy your favourite dank aromas.

Use with a bong

It almost feels like the Air MAX was made for a bubbler, what with its included water pipe adapter and automatic reorientation of the display to make it easy to see your stats. Once you add the 14mm attachment, you’re ready to add your favourite water pipe for much smoother hits. The Air MAX is ready to hit the streets, just prepack your stems, fill your battery, and forget all your worries.

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Arizer Air Max, 14mm water pipe adapter, Glass stem, Aroma dish, Extra screens, USB-C cable w/wall adapter, Travel tubes, Botanical herbs

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Dry herb/flower

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