The DynaVap Armored Cap - 5 things to know

The DynaVap Armored Cap - 5 things to know

If you have ever used a DynaVap VapCap dry herb vaporizer, then you already know that it is one of the most efficient and reliable vaporizers on the market, not to mention the most cost effective. But now, with the introduction of their new Armored Cap, the DynaVap experience has been taken to a whole new, much more powerful level. Let’s take a look at five of the amazing features that come along with this innovative and most welcome new Cap.

dynavap armored cap on vong I with man holding in hand

1 - Thicker, high mass Cap

The DynaVap Armored Cap is a significantly thicker, high mass Cap designed to work with any of DynaVap’s existing tips. Having a thicker Cap with substantially more mass than the original Cap allows for more overall thermal mass, which means your oven can get hotter than with the OG Cap, which will lead to an overall larger hit. It’s important to note that this new Cap can be used with either a traditional butane torch or an induction heater - nice!

2 - Made from stainless steel

The new Armored Cap from DynaVap is made from stainless steel, just like their original Cap. Stainless steel does an excellent job at retaining heat, so this was a great choice for this new more powerful Cap. Stainless steel is a durable metal that will last forever, and the increased heat retention of the Armored Cap allows your oven to stay hotter for longer so you can extract even last bit of extraction from your tip.

dynavap armored cap high mass thick hits

3 - Captive Cap geometry with heating references

The Armored Cap retains the same Cap look and geometry as their Original Cap to give you a consistent look across their whole lineup. It also features the same Captive Cap Geometry which will keep your Cap in place better throughout your entire session. The machined heating references on the cap help to act as visual indicators on where to direct your flame. Aim your torch at either the Dynavap logo or at the captivations to make things easy and repeatable.

4 - Full extraction in a single hit

DynaVap finally gives users what they want - the ability to completely extract a full bowl in a single heating session. With the increased thermal mass and heat retention, the Armored Cap gets hotter than a traditional Cap, and keeps that heat for longer. This means that while still safely avoiding combustion, you can now extract a full bowl in one heating cycle. For many users this will be the most important advancement, though we do recommend considering aiming for two heating cycles if you are not using your device through a bong.

dynavap armored cap next to original dynavap captive cap

5 - No spinning required

Finally, the new Armored Cap adds one more game changing feature to your VapCap experience, no more spinning of your DynaVap is required. Spinning does still remain optional and can lead to a more even extraction, but the days of needing to spin your Cap while heating it up are over. This makes the entire process much easier for a beginner and helps to eliminate the learning curve for new users.

The new DynaVap Armored Cap is a great addition to their product lineup. It gives users more power so they can extract a bowl in a single heating cycle, all without having to spin your vaporizer. Plus, the Snap Discs are now visible so you can see them move when the device is heated up, adding visual indication to the equation. The Cap also has the Captive Indentations which hold it secure to your tip, which is important with this powerful Cap, Capable of significant heat retention. If you're looking for more power and less spinning from your DynaVap VapCap, then the DynaVap Armored Cap is definitely worth checking out.

dynavap armored cap with triple flame torch lighter
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