What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa ?

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa ?

Two main types of Cannabis

Indica and Sativa are the two main types of Cannabis plants, each with its own unique characteristics. Understanding the differences between Indica and Sativa can help you make an informed decision when purchasing or consuming Cannabis products. In this article, we will detail the key differences between Indica and Sativa so that you can make a more educated choice in your Cannabis consumption. One thing to note is that the difference between Indica and Sativa has been somewhat diminished or at the very least changed over time as compared to 40 years ago for example, but the main characteristics of the type remain the same and are still worthy of discussion.

different varieties / types of cannabis leaves from different strains

Cannabis Indica Characteristics

Cannabis Indica plants tend to be short and stocky with broad leaves and dense buds. They typically grow and flower much faster than other varieties such as Sativa and hybrid strains and if the conditions are met, they can reach heights of up to 5 feet tall when grown outdoors. Additionally, they usually have a higher CBD content than Sativa strains and are known for their calming effects which make them ideal for night-time use. If you want to grow outdoors and live somewhere with a shorter growing season, then a faster flowering Indica will make way more sense for you.

Cannabis Sativa Characteristics

When it comes to appearance, Cannabis Sativa is easily recognizable by its tall plants with narrow leaves—a stark contrast from its Indica counterpart which features shorter plants with significantly wider leaves instead. Furthermore, its buds tend to be light green in color with some yellowish hues sprinkled throughout their surface area. Sativa buds are longer with a more airy structure, while Indica buds are dense and sticky. Generally speaking, flower from Cannabis Sativa tends to smell earthy or sweet with hints of pine or citrus depending on the strain being consumed.

plant type and bud type of cannabis indica vs sativa

Indica vs Sativa - What’s the Difference?

Indica is a short, bushy plant with wide leaves and tight buds. It usually has higher levels of CBD than THC, resulting in a more relaxed feeling when consumed. Indicas are generally (though not always) harvested indoors, where they can be grown in controlled conditions for maximum potency, and to reduce the chance of moldy buds. On the other hand, Sativas are taller, thinner plants with narrow leaves and looser buds. They typically have higher levels of THC than CBD, resulting in a stimulating effect when consumed. Sativas are often grown outdoors but can also be grown indoors if desired, though do keep in mind vertical space can be an issue. For many people the shorter growing cycle of Indica plants makes them much more desirable to grow as they can produce more crops per year leading to a substantially larger overall yield.

The Effects of Indica vs Sativa

The effects of Indica strains will undoubtedly vary depending on the individual person, but generally speaking they tend to provide a strong body high that is relaxing, sedating, and helps reduce stress and anxiety levels on a grand scale. This also makes them great for people who suffer from chronic pain or insomnia as they can help alleviate symptoms without causing too much stimulation or energy like some Sativa strains may do which can exacerbate these conditions. Additionally, because of their sedative and calming qualities they can also be useful as an appetite stimulant for those suffering from eating disorders or wasting syndrome caused by conditions like HIV/AIDS or cancer. If planning to use medicinally, always consult a doctor before undertaking or discontinuing care.

The effects associated with Cannabis Sativa are said to be uplifting, motivational and energetic. It has been known to help increase focus and creativity while providing an overall feeling of wellbeing and good vibes. Due to these stimulating effects, Cannabis Sativa is best suited for daytime use—it's not recommended that you consume this strain before bedtime or while trying to relax. For some users, the effects of Sativa can induce paranoia, so it is best to start slow if you are new to a heavy Sativa strain. Additionally, it's important to note that due to the energizing effects associated with this strain, it is typically not as good for edibles compared to Indica strains which provide more calming effects.

detailed comparison of indica vs sativa and types of cannabis

Which one is right for you?

Whether you’re looking for relaxed feeling or an energizing boost there is a strain out there perfect for you! Now that you understand the basic differences between Indica and Sativa it should be easier to decide which one makes sense for your needs at any given moment in time, as they each fulfill a different need and have their own place throughout the day or the activity. In general, Indica is ideal for relaxing in the evening, while Sativa is ideal for daytime usage. As always though please do your homework when purchasing Cannabis products by checking for lab-tested results so that you know exactly what type of strain you’re getting, and soon we will have an entire article on Hybrid strains which can give you the best of both worlds!

chart comparing different characteristics of cannabis indica vs sativa
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