Top 5 Ways Vaporizing Cannabis Is Better Than Smoking

Top 5 Ways Vaporizing Cannabis Is Better Than Smoking

Vaping is on the rise around the world, and with good reason thanks to the number of health benefits when compared to the process of smoking cannabis. So exactly how is vaping cannabis better than smoking it? 

Before we answer that, we must first look at an important question…

How does vaping work? 

In order for cannabis to have the desired effect, you need the CBD, THC and other compounds to enter your bloodstream, with smoking historically being the most common method. Burning the cannabis plant and smoking it is the fastest way to get it into your system, as it’s a short trip from the lungs to the bloodstream. Smoking cannabis is not as harmful as smoking tobacco, but it still comes with risks – risks that vaping does not carry. Vaping only burns the marijuana at around 325-430 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the 2000 degrees seen in the smoking process.

vaporizing vs smoking cannabis, how it works

Vaping heats the plant just enough to activate all the desirable properties, without burning away the good stuff. It also delivers the compounds via vapor and leaves the plant matter behind, thus providing a healthier overall experience. But there are a number of benefits associated with vaping when compared to smoking cannabis:

1. Better Flavor

Most of the terpenes in cannabis that contain flavor are burned away during the combustion process, but vaping can provide a whole array of exciting tastes and smells. Vapes keep the boiling point at a low enough level that terpenes can remain intact and deliver every ounce of flavor from your favorite strains. 

conduction vs convection vaporizers, how they work

2. Health Benefits

One of the most important benefits of vaping over smoking, as outlined above, is the reduced risks to your health. The vaporized stream of compounds is said to contain less than 0.001% of the ingredients that can harm your body. You also eliminate the side effects such as coughing. We recommend dry herb vaporizers for the purest experience.

3. Discretion & Convenience

To put it simply, vaping is a whole lot more discrete than smoking. It creates less of a smell, the vapor vanishes pretty quickly, and it doesn’t stick to you in the same way that smoke does. If you have been smoking, everyone knows it. If you have been vaping, they will likely only know if they saw you do it. Not to mention you only need to carry your vape, rather than any lighters, cigarettes, or other paraphernalia.

graphic comparing the differences between vaporizing and smoking cannabis

4. Saving Money

One of the best benefits of vaping over smoking is the impact on your bank account. Because it burns at a lower temperature, you get a longer and better high for your money, meaning your stash lasts far longer. Who doesn’t love some financial savings? 

5. Improved Effects

Vaping can create a cleaner experience and a better high, as it destroys far less of the cannabinoids found in the plant. Smoking burns away 63% of the good stuff, while vaping delivers a whole lot more cannabinoids your way. Experts claim that blood/THC levels almost double with vaping compared to smoking. That’s a longer and better high for you!

a chart from vaping wise comparing vaporizing vs smoking cannabis
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