Tinymight 2 Vaporizer Review - The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Tinymight 2 Vaporizer Review - The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Even better than the Tinymight

When your predecessor is one of most widely lauded portable vaporizers of all time, the pressure is on to perform and the Tinymight 2 does not fail to deliver. While reminiscent of the first iteration, this is clearly the result of working on the few minor pieces of feedback and nailing it.

Beautiful new look & enhanced build

Sure, the Tinymight is a sexy little beast, but the 2 is like the 1995 Cindy Crawford of handheld vapes. They’ve upgraded from oak to a beautiful walnut that has substantially better heat insulation as well as being gorgeous. The metal caps have also been updated, featuring a sleek matte finish that’s durable and suitable for out of the home use. Another cool addition to the body is a built-in multi-tool that will always be within reach, fits snugly within the device and is capable of several everyday vaporizing tasks including changing the bowl capacity or even stirring and tamping.

tinymight 2 vaporizer laying on side on bushes

On the bottom of the device, there’s a dial that controls the temperature. It’s measured as a scale between 0-10 rather than explicit degrees so it may take some experimenting to find your ideal temp. Both the dial and the other element of the interface, the single control button, have been improved greatly in both feel and usability. 

Includes a host of useful accessories

The Tinymight 2 is compatible with any stems or adapters you bought for the original, and we were psyched to see a redesigned screen plate that leads to more complete, even vaporization. While you could carry it with you in your pocket, with the stem and what not, you’d be better served with a case. While incrementally larger than its older brother, this stout device feels more high-end in your hand, and safer as well. The Tinymight 2 includes many expected accessories including both glass and stainless-steel stems, a big ass 18650 battery that charges with USB-C, a small bag, and a few spare parts to keep you going.

tinymight 2 sitting upright on log outside

USB-C charging & great battery life

When you talk about top notch energy management, the Tinymight 2 is at the top of the list. The battery is both removable and swappable and you can even use it while fast charging with USB-C. That juice directly translates to truly on demand vapor, even at the highest temperatures. There’s no waiting around after the device hits temperature, just go ahead and enjoy. We found the battery to offer about 30 charges at ¾ max heat.

Session or on-demand mode

Even easier to use than the original, just pack your bowl full for best results. The metal cooling units inside offer some heat dissipation as will the path the vapor travels along the stem. If you’re using the device through water, feel free to ramp up the temp a bit. Both stems are nice inclusions, but the titanium offers better cooling. The Tinymight 2 offers both session and on-demand mode and they’re both easy to activate. For on-demand, triple click the button to activate it and as a side benefit, you’ll also learn the battery level from a series of vibrations. To use session mode instead, double click the button instead. In session mode, after the device has reached temp, it will stay there for you to enjoy until you shut it off.

tinymight 2 vaporizer laying on wood on side

The multicoloured LED added to the Tinymight 2 is a subtle cool feature. Not only does it display the battery level, how many times and with what behaviour the LED acts will provide the user with info about its readiness.

100% convection vapor in huge quantities

Expectedly, the Tinymight 2 brings the heat with 100% convection vapor and because of it, incredible extraction. Arguably the superior method to consume because of the pure, terpy flavors that are never combusted, the convection vapor is astonishingly smooth, even with the small glass stem, but make sure you use the cooling units, or the air will get harsher as session goes on. The Tinymight 2 pumps out massive clouds for its small size and the unrestricted air path is easy to pull on and get as much vapor as you’re looking for. Buyer beware: this thing will get you lit, so maybe start with one hit. Multiple, smaller bowls at lower temps help to maximize flavor and purity. It’s like they had us in mind when they designed this thing. First, the bowl size reduction is great for those who seek more efficiency, but you can also use the big one and get lit.

Easy to maintain, easier to use

Incredibly easy to use and maintain, you’ll find that the stems are the only things that need cleaning, and you can even use dosing capsules to increase portability and organization on the go. The one button system is simple to operate but offers enough customization potential for advanced users. We love the design and construction upgrades across the board, especially the walnut. The vapor quality and production are top drawer, there’s almost zero wait and it’s incredibly easy to use. But it is also not cheap. Like not at all. As it is made in Finland, the build is amazing, but you’re paying for that. Honestly, for this price it would’ve bene nice to see a water pipe adapter included.

top of tinymight 2 vaporizer stainless steel end cap

The Tinymight 2 is one of the best vaporizers

It was always going to be hard to top the Tinymight, but by George, they did it. Not only does it look better and heat up and charge faster, but there’s also added utility and improvements over the detractors of the original. The Tinymight 2 offers arguably the best portable flower vaping experience available.

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