The Benefits of Glass Water Pipes For Cannabis Vaporizers

The Benefits of Glass Water Pipes For Cannabis Vaporizers

The Benefits of Glass Water Pipes

People have been using glass water pipes and bongs since almost the dawn of time, so there must be a good reason they are still seen as the peak of bong engineering. The first glass that was created and used for tools came back in 2500-1500 BC, and we are still using it as a primary building material to this day. 

There was somewhat of a glass bong renaissance in the 1960s and 70s, with the separate bong and glass industries having flourished throughout the 19th century. Bob Snodgras was the main pioneering brain behind the glass bong and designed them across the United States in the 20th century. Once he discovered the process of fuming, allowing him to color borosilicate glass, the glass bong entered the mainstream and the modern movement was born. 

Fortunately, with the newfound social acceptance of bongs, the future is bright and the time for innovation is now. This is exactly why we have expanded our range of glass water pipes!

There are a number of key benefits that come with using glass water pieces:


They are designed to be used both with vaporizers and through regular old-school combustion. People use their water pipes for concentrate use as well through dabbing, so they are a truly useful accessory for any user.


The water on each hit will cool down, leading to happy lungs and a positive experience. Glass pieces come with added surface area, and the bigger the surface area your hit passes through, the cooler it becomes. Cool water makes the throat burn less, causing less irritation, and reduces exposure to things like bronchitis. 

Less Irritation

Smoke inhalation when using cigarettes and cigars irritates the throat. That is a fact. That’s why you often see people cough when trying their first cigarette. However, you get a far cleaner experience with a water pipe as it kills off more lingering bacteria. The fewer carcinogens per intake also lower the chances of illnesses like lung cancer. The glass pipe means you need fewer hits to experience the same level.


The water filters each hit, removing harmful elements for a clean smoke. Cheaper PVC or plastic pipes can see an increase in chemicals in your hit, but glass provides a cleaner and purer smoking experience. 


Glass water pieces are fun and add a unique element to your experience. They also come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and styles, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

Perfect for Newcomers

The glass water pipe is the perfect addition for any newbies out there, as it provides a simple way to introduce yourself to the smoking experience. The smoke is far smoother when inhaling thanks to the bubbles produced in the pipe, making it easier to get used to the feeling, especially when compared to a cigarette, for example. The water pipe also allows newcomers to take shallow and shorter inhales to ease themselves in.

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