Introduction to the PAX PLUS, the Latest & Greatest Portable Vaporizer

Introduction to the PAX PLUS, the Latest & Greatest Portable Vaporizer

The newest portable vaporizer from PAX LABS

The PAX PLUS is an exciting new vaporizer perfect for anyone looking for a quick and discreet session, no matter where you are. It's an ultra-portable device, one of the smallest battery operated vaporizers on the market, that allows you to enjoy your favorite concentrate or flower, with adjustable bowl sizes and four different Experience Modes to choose from. That's a lot. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing device.

pax plus vaporizer with open oven and ground flower sage color

Dual use function & adjustable bowl size

One of the most impressive features of the PAX PLUS is its dual use capability. You don't find too many devices that offer this, and even fewer that do it well. You can use it either as a concentrate or flower device by selecting from the included ovens, enabling you to switch up your sessions whenever you feel like it in only seconds. The adjustable bowl size means you can choose between two lids depending on whether you want to load it up with a full load or just half a load, depending on what you're looking for in that particular session. The ability to change both between flower and concentrate or between a half and full load on the fly in mere seconds is a most useful aspect of the PAX PLUS.

Choose from 1 of 4 Experience Modes

The four Experience Modes are one of the key features that make the PAX PLUS stand out from other vaporizers, and help to differentiate it from the more straightforward PAX MINI. “Stealth Mode” is for when you want a smoother, lighter hit and less LED action; “Efficiency Mode” ensures maximum vapor production while minimizing the amount of flower required to do so; “Flavor Mode” gives off an intense flavor profile from each strain you put inside; and finally, “Boost Mode” boosts your temperature quickly and is recommended for concentrate usage. Each Experience Mode comes with its own unique set of benefits and advantages, allowing you to customize your session according to what type of experience you are looking for, so be sure to spend some time in each mode to see what you like the most.

full components of pax plus kit oven lids concentrate insert

Less maintenance & 2hr battery life

The PAX PLUS also boasts an improved 3D Oven Screen which makes cleaning extremely easy and straightforward - all you need to do is pop out the screen and give it a quick wipe down after every session or few! The more often you maintain your device the easier it will be to do so, so just don't wait too long between cleaning sessions and you'll have it done in no time. And lastly, despite its small size and ultra portable shape, this device still has an impressive 2 hours of battery life on a single charge, so that you can get through multiple sessions before needing to think about recharging.

3d view of pax plus 3d oven screen removal

Easy to use with great performance

The PAX PLUS is easily one of the best super portable vaporizers on the market today - perfect for anyone who wants an easy and discreet way to enjoy their favorite concentrate or flower with the same device! With its dual-use capabilities and adjustable bowl sizes, as well as its four different Experience Modes that offer tremendously different experiences, and long 2 hour battery life, this device offers advantages that are hard to find in a vaporizer, let alone one of this size. So if you're looking for an amazing ultra portable vaping experience that won't let you down in a pinch, then look no further than the PAX PLUS!

pax plus vaporizer in suit pocket in elderberry perwinkle sage color
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