How To Assemble The Cage

How To Assemble The Cage

The Cage glass pipe protector

Introducing The Cage, an aluminum cage built for keeping your 14mm Round Pipe or 14mm Round Pipe V2 safe and protected.  The Cage will work with virtually any Mega Globe style/size bubbler that has a 14mm female intake joint. We know you treasure your glass and we created The Cage with that in mind. Not only does it add significant weight to help protect the pipe from accidental bumps or other disruptions, but it also has key features made to protect your glass and keep it secure during sessions.

Screw in posts & rubber pads to protect

The Cage comes complete with a rubber pad on both the bottom and top segment that cushions and securely cradles your glass, while four screw in posts secure the parts together, making sure it is extra secure and can withstand plenty of use. Swinging off the side of the cage is a heavy duty arm made to hold and organize a variety of bowls and accessories, which can be stored back in place while you're on the go by simply swinging the arm back to secure it.

accessory arm on the cage round pipe v2 mega globe style bubbler protection

How to assemble The Cage

Assembling The Cage is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply place the bottom plate of The Cage down on a flat surface, then place your Round or Round V2 water pipe on top of the rubber pad. Next, place the top plate over the 14mm input joint, making sure the rubber pad is facing down to protect the joint. Be sure that the mouthpiece joint sits in the cut out of the top plate to allow for clearance. Place three of the screw down posts in place through the top plate, but do not screw them in just yet. First place the metal swing arm down over the last hole, then place the final screw down post in place. Now tighten all four of the posts, being sure not to over tighten them. Lightly tighten each of the four posts in an alternating fashion, rather than fully tightening up each post fully in one go. Doing this will ensure a proper fit and best protect the posts. If using with a V2 water piece, take extra care not to over tighten it so you don't damage the 10mm glass joint.

accessory arm on the cage round pipe mega globe style bubbler structure

Works with 14mm Round/V2/Mega Globe style bubblers

So whether you need an extra layer of protection for those occasional bumps that inevitably happen during a session, want something for your pipe that will add weight and security to your setup for an added layer of protection, or you just want some peace of mind knowing your preferred piece is actually secured safe, The Cage has got you covered, and the low price is the icing on the cake.

the cage on grass field
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