CCell Palm 510 Battery Review - Better Than A Vape Pen

CCell Palm 510 Battery Review - Better Than A Vape Pen

What is the CCell Palm?

Are you looking for an innovative, reliable way to vape your oils without the burning smell and extra waste that a traditional dab rig can bring? Then look no further than the CCell Palm 510 Cartridge Battery. This powerful little device is taking vaping to a whole new level with its unparalleled performance, intuitive design, and extreme convenience. Our professional review of this next-generation battery will reveal all of its unique features – from the ergonomic shape and effortless draw activation, to the optimum wattage setting and extended battery life that make it a top choice among cartridge consumers who demand the best. Keep reading to find out more!

CCell Palm 510 vape in black colour on white background

CCell is legendary in 510

CCell 510 batteries provide surprisingly quality features considering their accessible price tags. The feel and craftsmanship of these vapes are remarkable given the cost, making them a budget-friendly option for any user. While some people subject their devices to extremes which can impact their longevity, the vast majority of customers have found CCell batteries to be reliable through different levels of abuse and frequent use - all at an attainable cost! Every CCell Palm comes complete with basic accessories including magnetic adapters, USB charging cable, plus one easily portable Palm device; giving you high performance vaping with a reasonable investment.

Fixed voltage setting

The CCell Palm delivers potent, large, and tasty hits, all at a single fixed voltage of 3.7v. While other devices offer numerous power levels and a plethora of settings, the Palm aims to keep it simple and allows for a single temperature - optimized to give you the best mix of cloud production and flavor. Although temperature control is not available with this device, its affordability and sleek design make it an ideal choice for vaping enthusiasts looking for exceptional results without breaking their budget!

CCell palm 510 cartridge battery with magnetic adapters and charger

550mAh internal battery

Jam-packed with a rechargeable internal battery with a capacity of 550mAh of powerhouse energy, the CCell Palm is perfect for long days of on-the go vaping. Its robust battery life can last you throughout your full day of vaping, giving off hundreds of hits before requiring a quick top up via the included micro-USB cable - which should fully charge up your Palm in no longer than 60 minutes! Fast charging and all day battery life will keep you vaping until the morning light.

Straightforward operation

Forget about complicated instruction manuals and messy clean-up or maintenance duties; the Palm is about the most straightforward device you can possibly get. The 510 cartridges/atomizers attach by a drop-in magnetic connection to this device, letting you load a new cartridge in no time to pass it straight on to your friends for a quick inhalation. Enjoy an easy vaping experience with no need for deep cleaning or even periodic maintenance – simply switch out cartridges for a fresh experience and keep on vaping!

4 color options of CCell Palm 510 cartridge battery

Truly pocket sized

The CCell Palm truly gives a new meaning to the term ‘pocket-sized' (Palm is not just a clever name). This ultra compact 510 Battery is ideal for the busy modern day oil consumer lifestyle who values size and discretion, and will seamlessly blend into your pocket contents so you can take it with you all day without even noticing. Pull it out, have a quick pull of the inhale activated Palm, then put it back, all in a few seconds.

A near perfect 510 battery

With the CCell Palm, you get powerful performance in a discreet and durable package from a proven manufacturer with a long track record of success. Its convenient size allows for easy portability so it can fit virtually anywhere with ease – and the metal body offers protection from unexpected drops! It's no surprise that this little powerhouse is among the top picks on the market - combining affordability, durability, and an extensive battery life to provide an exceptional experience every time.

3 colors of CCell palm 510 cartridge battery

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have you seen the new Palm Pro by CCell? I haven’t seen it for sale but it has 3 power modes and adjustable airflow, this one will be old news very soon


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