Can I Use My Vaporizer Through A Bong?

Can I Use My Vaporizer Through A Bong?

Water tools are essential for a truly satisfied vaping experience - this is something I swear by! Vaping without water would be an unimaginable world and one I'm sure none of us want to visit. Let's explore why these devices provide such pleasure and why many people, including myself, consider them almost necessary components in their journey towards the perfect session.

Vaping is an incredibly popular and enjoyable pastime, but the intense heat of some devices can be too much for even experienced users. An easy solution to this problem is using a water pipe - it's like smoking from a bong, with all the benefits vaping has over combustion! Not only does it make your sessions smoother, but also provides more familiarity if you're transitioning from traditional methods.

Using your vaporizer through a water pipe

When vaporizing, breathing regular air may provide sufficient cooling-- but a little bit of H2O helps make all the difference! Adding water to your vaping experience cools down and humidifies your hits, making them far less harsh than unchecked vapour. For those who love taking back-to-back draws on their device -- this can mean avoiding throat irritation plus an extra smooth inhalation when you hit it through the power of "aqua"!

Upgrade your vaping experience with a one-piece system! This self-contained set up eliminates the need for extra adapters, offering an easy way to have water filtration while keeping your beloved traditional feel. With no additional learning curve involved, it's never been easier to level up and enjoy all of the benefits that come along with vaporizing through water!

Cloud cooling doesn’t get better than with a two-piece system. Though more expensive and slightly less convenient, the addition of an adapter to your vaporizer coupled with a water-cooling unit on another side can bring you results that no one piece could achieve. However, make sure the right connector is used for each specific device if these superior chill effects are desired!

How much water should I use?

After your water level is set and you’re happy with the action when you inhale, turn your vape on at the temperature you normally operate at. The great thing about adding water is that you can probably hit it higher than normal without feeling any burn. If you’re chasing big clouds, a higher temperature through water is your salvation. 

I can’t emphasize this enough: keep steady and gentle with your hits. If you dial up the ferocity like you would with a combustion bong, you’re apt to lose some of the effectiveness of the vaporization itself. A nice slow, thorough inhale that can clean the chamber in one go is what we’d recommend aiming for. 

Vaping through a bong is tasty and cool

Despite what detractors may say, using water with your herb doesn't have to lead to a notable loss of taste or effect. While it's true that the vapor passing through liquid will result in some minor changes, you'll hardly miss them when taking cooler and more enjoyable hits! With so many benefits on offer from this simple setup adjustment, why not give it a try?

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