Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review - Best Desktop Vape?

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review - Best Desktop Vape?

XQ2 overview

Arizer, a Canadian-based brand renowned for their affordable yet high quality devices, has made waves in the world of vaporizing since their start in the early 2000s. Whether it's portable models like the Air 2, Solo 2 or Arizer Go, or with desktop systems like the Arizer EQ - features like precise temperature control with clear OLED screens, plus long borosilicate mouthpieces which provide coolness that is characteristic of an original Arizer experience, have all served to make Arizer one of the best known manufacturers in the field.

After 15 years of perfecting their craft, Arizer has released their latest XQ2 desktop device. It's a modern twist on the classic design of the EQ that features their famous remote control capabilities with new innovative technology. Let’s talk about the Arizer XQ2 and what is sure to be an amazing new addition to any collection.

arizer xq2 desktop vaporizer with remote control

Physical design

Boasting a lightweight frame and eye-catching LED lights, the Arizer XQ2 stands out amongst other desktop vaporizers with its unique design. Weighing a svelte 450g without accessories attached, you can easily take it to your next party or gathering to be the life of the party. The device's base features a understated matte finish with five illuminated buttons: power, settings, up+down temperature controls as well as an exclusive button for its 3-speed fan feature - all of which are surrounded by a colorful LED light strip that can change colors every couple of seconds upon activating Spectrum Mode, or can be set to any number of colors manually if you prefer. The XQ2 works with either a balloon or a whip system, allowing for dual methods and easy switching between them. With the included whip, it makes it easy to interface the vaporizer with a water pipe, but keep in mind you can also use the included balloon in any bong with a 10mm joint for easy water cooling.

What is included

With the Arizer XQ2 comes a full, comprehensive kit of signature borosilicate glass components and accessories, making it an all-inclusive vaporizing solution right out of the box. We’re talking 3-foot silicone whips with mouthpieces, mini whips for more flavor, balloon connectors, caps, bags - not to mention domed & flat screens – you name it…the XQ2 has got you covered! And don’t forget they also throw in an air intake filter as well as a stainless steel tool AND remote control. Although there are plenty of gadgets that may initially be overwhelming when you lay the contents out on a table; rest assured knowing these pieces provide everything necessary so no additional purchases will ever have to made, though you do NOT have to use all of the components at the same time, or at all should you wish.

arizer xq2 full kit with all accessories and components

Pro tip: prime your bowl before your session

One thing that experienced XQ2 users will tell you is the importance of “priming" your bowl – once your chosen temperature is reached, allow your material to sit and heat up on the connoisseur or the larger cloud bowl for 3-5 minutes. This quick step will lead to maximum extraction with a minimal amount of draws! Don't forget - connect the connoisseur bowl and fill it with herb just before turning on the heater; 3 to 5 minutes should do just fine, so try not to overdo it to save your flavor. Now that you're ready and set, attach the top of your whip connection to the bowl to get a smooth draw from the glass mouthpiece. The XQ2 also makes it easy with its internal fan-powered feature for an assisted draw, where vapor is pushed out effortlessly which allows for easy inhalation. This can be useful for medical cannabis users or for anyone looking for a laid back session.

A remote control?

The XQ2 provides a most underrated yet truly invaluable feature: a programmable remote control. Whether used to adjust the temperature, activate the 3 speed fan functions, or even to change the color of its LED base lights across the room - users will revel in how fast and convenient this device is with just one simple press - no app required. Even better? The pre-set temperatures can be modified according to user preference, so you can dial in your preferred setting to easily access them for your next vape session.

Try a lower fan speed

Mastering the art of vaping can be a tricky endeavor, but with time and enjoyable effort you will get there in no time. When searching for the biggest clouds from your XQ2, opting for lower speeds in your inflation OR with the assisted fan will create an inviting milky vapor that is luxuriously thick and cloudy.

all arizer xq2 settings and control options

How’s the vapor?

The XQ2 is a reliable performer when it comes to delivering consistently good vapor quality, all day long in abundance. Its convection ceramic heater and borosilicate glass pieces ensure flavorful clouds of vapor with the clarity of the airpath, while the balloon or whip attachment offer an added bonus - extended vapor path air-cooling for even smoother hits that require nothing more than effortless inhalation.

Arizer XQ2 conclusion

Investing in the Arizer XQ2 desktop vaporizer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to up their vaping game. The kit comes with a variety of tools, accessories and extras, making it worth every penny spent – just remember to handle the delicate glass pieces carefully when they are warm! With reliable performance and plenty of options for home-based sessions, this desktop vape promises maximum ease and satisfaction for your vaporizing needs.

arizer xq2 led light patterns, list of features
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Even better then the Eq by arizer.


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