5 Reasons to Buy the DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer

5 Reasons to Buy the DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer

The new DynaVap M Plus vaporizer has been making waves in the vape space with its bold new look and wide range of new features. With its innovative design and powerful performance, it's no wonder why so many people are making the switch from combustion to a DynaVap. But what exactly makes the DynaVap M Plus so special and is it worth upgrading from a DynaVap you currently own? Here are five reasons why you should consider buying this amazing vaporizer.

dyanvap m plus vaporizer full body shot on blue background

1- Incredible wood texture design

The DynaVap M Plus features an intricate wood texture design that not only looks amazing, but also makes it easier to grip while using. This pattern is a testament to their CNC machine skills and attention to detail, making this a great device for any vape user who appreciates the extra effort of good design. While the pattern looks random, each device is identical and features the same exact pattern, and gives the new M Plus a bold new style that stands apart from their previous offerings.

2 - New Squareport & Pyramid Point

Another great feature of the DynaVap M Plus is its new Squareport with the matching Pyramid Point design. The Squareport not only looks unique, but it also offers huge wide open airflow, for cooling down your hit without needing a water bong. The Pyramid Point features a square section with cutaways down the sides, making it easy to find the new Squareport even in low light conditions. Compared to the ‘rockers’ on their previous models, the Pyramid Point is a lighthouse compared to a candle.

pyramid pivot point dynavap m plus

3 - Finless Tip design & full extraction

The Finless Tip design on the DynaVap M Plus is capable of a full extraction in a single heating cycle, and keep in mind this has the largest bowl capacity DynaVap has ever offered in a tip, meaning you can clear the largest DynaVap bowl possible in just one heating cycle, if you want. This innovative tip moves the majority of the mass behind the extraction chamber, allowing you to supercharge your hit with ease through proper flame technique. Furthermore, you no longer have to spin your DynaVap while using it – just aim your flame at the tip itself and it'll heat up perfectly like that! This makes it much easier for new users but even experienced users will appreciate this.

dynavap m plus tip full extraction

4 - Affordable price tag

Despite all of the new features, the DynaVap M Plus still retains everything that makes the M so special - a highly efficient, super portable dry herb vaporizer that is now more powerful than ever. Considering the fact that there is no software of update or batteries to charge, this vaporizer is easily one of the best values in vaping today. While many vapes at this price point are only going to last you a few years, the DynaVap M Plus should last decades.

5 - Durable construction / built to last

Last but not least, one of the best things about this device is its durable, stainless steel, lifetime construction which ensures long-lasting use. There are few parts to replace and they need to be replaced infrequently at best. If you need a vaporizer that can take a beating and stand up to some abuse, a metal DynaVap is about the most durable device you can find. Whether you're looking for something that will last you through years of daily use or just need something ultra reliable for an occasional puff, this vape has got you covered on both fronts!

new dynavap m plus vaporizer on stone backdrop

All things considered, there's no denying that investing in a DynaVap M Plus vaporizer will be well worth your money, and then some. With its incredible ultra-grippy wood texture design, bold new Squareport & Pyramid Point design, Finless Tip feature that enables a complete extraction in one heat up, incredibly affordable price tag and durable construction – this device has everything you need from your next portable vaporizer. So if you're in search of an amazing vape experience then make sure to give the new DynaVap M Plus a try!

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