top reasons to use custom glass for your puffco peak pro

3 Reasons To Use Custom Glass On Your Puffco Peak Pro

Custom glass makes the Puffco Peak Pro better

Hey everyone! It's time to talk some glass - if you're serious about enjoying your vaping experience to the fullest, custom glass can be a gamechanger for any vape user. Regardless of whether you're just getting into puffing or have been mastering it for years, the technology and craftsmanship behind custom glass can help elevate your sessions - especially when consuming out of something as special as the Puffco Peak Pro. Seriously, it can take things from good to great! And today I'm here to provide three reasons why investing in customized glass is worth every penny. So let’s get started!

1 - Better performance from your Peak Pro

Let's take your Puffco Peak Pro experience up a notch with a custom glass water piece. Trust me, it's like going from a one-ply to a three-ply toilet paper - life-changing. Not only can the custom pieces hold more water than the standard glass included with the Peak Pro, but they also do a better job at cooling down the vapor. And let's talk about airflow - custom glass pieces have way better airflow, which means you'll feel less drag while taking a hit. Plus, the ergonomics of the shapes make it easier to hold during a session. Say goodbye to resistance and low water volume and hello to a personalized, comfortable Puffco Peak Pro experience.

puffco peak pro custom glass bubbler bong

2 - Better looks and more to choose from

The standard glass may look cool, but nothing compares to the unique flair these customized pieces for your Peak Pro bring to the table. The options for customization are endless, allowing you to tailor your piece to your exact preferences. From shape and color to functionality, you can have a piece that not only looks great but also completely changes the feel of your concentrate vaporizer. While you may have to give up the use of the original case included with the Peak Pro, the benefit of a completely personalized and next level vaping experience is easily worth it. So why not take your Puffco Peak Pro to the next level with a one-of-a-kind custom glass piece?

iridescent electro plated glass bubbler for puffco peak pro

3 - Use your Peak Pro in a totally different way

As serious users of the Puffco Peak Pro, we understand the importance of finding the best possible experience with our vaporizers. While on-device water cooling can be convenient and easy to use, it simply cannot compare to the cooling action of using a large water piece at home. This is where our custom Whip Connector Kit comes in, providing the perfect solution to enhance your Puffco Peak Pro experience. With the Whip Connector Kit, you can enjoy the powerful vapor produced by the Puffco Peak Pro while also filtering it through your favourite full-sized bong. The combination of the two creates a truly unique and unrivalled vaping experience that is unmatched by any other method. So if you're serious about getting the most out of your Puffco Peak Pro, consider investing in our custom Whip Connector Kit.

puffco peak pro whip connector kit

Affordable way to enhance your Peak Pro

In conclusion, the Puffco Peak Pro is a great device, but with the addition of a custom glass piece it will take it to another level. Swapping out your stock piece for a custom glass piece instantly improves function more than you could have envisioned. Our Puffco Peak Pro custom glass pieces are affordable and highly functional – pick up one (or all of them) so that you can find out which one you truly love! Don’t let anyone tell you such changes are minor – this will add an entirely new dimension to your next session. So tell us: have you used a custom glass piece for your Peak Pro? Let us know in the comments below what your experiences have been like and whether or not it was worth it. We look forward to hearing from our readers!

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